What to Expect in This Course

Comprehensive information on a variety of topics:

  • Creating your own training road map
  • Craft resources
  • Clients and setting editorial rates
  • Editing best practices, habits, and how to find your voice
  • Style sheets and editorial letters

Tips and worksheets to cultivate your best business and editing practices:

  • Map Your Career Path worksheet
  • Rate Your Clients worksheet to narrow your niche or potential focus
  • Tips to find clients and set your editing rates
  • Good editor habits to start right now
  • Productivity and organization best practices
  • Tips for editing electronically
  • Tips to find your editing voice and more on how to query the author
  • Tips to create a style sheet
  • Tips to create an editorial letter

Craft resources and becoming familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS):

  • Read CMOS in a Year guide
  • Craft reading list
  • CMOS self-check quiz and answer key
  • CMOS cheat sheet as well as my most marked sections
  • Proofreading checklist based on CMOS
  • Editing checklist based on CMOS

Plenty of templates, samples, and tools to get you started in your business:

  • Invoice template
  • Style sheet template
  • Cover letter template
  • Sample storytelling technique flier for authors
  • Sample author questionnaire
  • Sample editorial letter
  • Word's tracked changes tutorial for authors
  • Editorial rates estimate calculator tool

Ready to dive in and turn your passion into your day job? Let's do this thing.

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